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3hreex5ive [userpic]
by 3hreex5ive (3hreex5ive)
at March 8th, 2009 (12:00 pm)

current mood: ditzy

DATE: 5/3/2009 (Gig 27/2/09)
DURATION: 33:46mins
SIZE: 38.7 MB
MCFLY LIVE IN AUSTRALIA 27th FEB, 2009!!!!!!!!!!!
McFly fans the world over!!!!! On the 27th FEB, 2009, less than a week ago, McFly played a gig to 1300+ SCREAMING AUSSIE FANS @ the Metro in the HEART of Sydney.... and luckily for you - friends of the Totallee Podcast went along and RECORDED IT FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So if you've been wondering what the boys have been upto, whist down here in Australia - feel free to have a listen and download this SPECIAL episode of the McFly Podcast!!!

- Unfortunately the mic was Extremely close to the action and as such, distortion and buzz from the amps on stage made it very difficult to get a crystal clear recording. I've gone through and retrieved the best and clearest bits for you tho!
Although it is very difficult to hear what the lads are saying at times, gems such as...

DOUG: "This is a story about Tom and Danny...sharing a room....WHERE I WAS CONCEIVED!! ...We adopted Harry..."


DANNY speaking to TOM: "I'll kiss you, if you kiss me.."

Came out rather clearly! ^_^ As well as Harry's lil ditty ^_-
But even if you can't understand every word, i'm sure you'll appreciate just how freaking LOUD the Aussie fans were! The atmosphere = TRULY ELECTRIC!

Can't wait till the 15th - where i'll try to have a clearer recording for you all!

As always, thank you so much for your support!!!!! Remember to feel free to contribute ideas or sound grabs that you would like to be featured on the podcasts!! McFly fans are amongst the most creative - and after all this is a podcast made for the fans, so really it should be made BY the fans! ^_^ All submissions can be sent to misslee@totallee.net !

Cheers for listening!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy Angels!!!!!!!

Listen / Download @ http://airwaves.totallee.net !!!!

3hreex5ive [userpic]
by 3hreex5ive (3hreex5ive)
at December 24th, 2008 (03:15 pm)

current mood: bouncy


Downloadable @ http://www.mediafire.com/?dhzynnj1kmh

or http://airwaves.totallee.net~~!!


3hreex5ive [userpic]
#5 MCFLY PODCAST!!!!!!!!
by 3hreex5ive (3hreex5ive)
at August 10th, 2008 (07:10 pm)

current mood: bouncy
current song: "Going Thru The Motions" McFly

Hey Angels!!!!!!!!

I know it's been flippin` ages but I come bearing a new MCFLY PODCAST!!!!!!!

Head on over to http://airwaves.totallee.net to have a listen!!

Lemme know whatcha's think!
Much Love!!

3hreex5ive [userpic]
#4 McFly Podcast is up!!
by 3hreex5ive (3hreex5ive)
at April 6th, 2008 (06:06 pm)

current mood: chipper

The fourth McFly podcast is up and available for your earholes!!

Featuring = Food + The Beatles


P.S. Got a mic and something to say about McFly?!? Speak it, save it and send it to misslee@totallee.net to be featured in the mcfly podcast!

^_^ xox

3hreex5ive [userpic]
#3 McFLY Podcast]] McFly LIVE in Australia!!!!!!!!!!
by 3hreex5ive (3hreex5ive)
at March 9th, 2008 (01:41 am)

current mood: excited

Been wondering what the guys have been upto whilst in Australia?!?!?!

Head on over to http://www.airwaves.totallee.net and have a listen!!


3hreex5ive [userpic]
New Home!!!
by 3hreex5ive (3hreex5ive)
at February 16th, 2008 (07:21 pm)

current mood: chipper

Hey Angels!

The Podcast has found a new home over @ http://airwaves.totallee.net

Check it out ^_^

And if u have any ideas/suggestions/requests or voice grabs u'd like me to include lemme know!!!


3hreex5ive [userpic]
by 3hreex5ive (3hreex5ive)
at January 13th, 2008 (08:38 pm)

current mood: accomplished
current song: "Transylvania" McFly

Howdy Partners!
Hope this evening finds you well ^_^
I have yet another podcast up for your listening pleasure! Heck if u like it, go ahead and download the bugger!
Mucho Luvo!

http://totallee.podOmatic.com !!!

3hreex5ive [userpic]
//McFLY Totallee Take Over!!
by 3hreex5ive (3hreex5ive)
at December 31st, 2007 (04:11 pm)

current mood: chipper
current song: I Want It That Way - BSB

Hey You!
Welcome to a lil 'ol community i'm callin` *McFLY PODCAST* ^_^
Recently i've delved into the world of podcasting and to be honest, i'm lovin it!
I'm still coming to grips with the software/business of podcasting - so still a lil rusty, but i've just finished my 4th show and to spice things up a bit (to keep me from blabbing on...) I let the boys from McFly take charge - through the power of audio editing software!

I had a ball putting it together and thought other fans mite get a laugh out of it ^_^

If u guys dig it, I mite make it a regular thing?!?

Anywayz lemme know whatcha's think!

Link -> http://totallee.podOmatic.com
As you can see it's the top episode posted - the other episodes are just my normal show - feel free to have a listen to that 2 ^_^
side note - there is a 'download'option for those that wanna listen on the run ^_-
+ for those with Itunes, there's the option to subscribe to the podcast - cool eh?! Just go to the page and look for the link on the left!

Or howz about I just embed the player and make it a HELL of a lot easier?!
As I said before, if u'd like to download the episode for keeps, head to the page http://totallee.podOmatic.com and look for the download link!
Enjoy amigos!

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